Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Natural Tourmaline Rings for Engagement Rings?

If it weren't for tradition and advertising our guess is that many more brides to be would prefer to have some color in their engagement ring. Tourmaline Rings come in nearly every color of the rainbow and tourmaline is also one of the traditional Birthstones of October.

As stated above, tourmaline jewelry comes in nearly every desirable color and is generally available in its natural form, no treatments such as heating are normally necessary. It is sometimes heated or irradiated.

 Tourmaline is relatively durable and has a Mohs scale hardness of 7.0-7.5. In smaller sized stones, being fairly tough, it makes for a fine choice for an engagement ring that can be worn daily.

 The green color of the chrome tourmaline jewelry is captivating and often features deeper color and better clarity and durability than emerald.

 Pink colored tourmalines are also very desirable and beautiful. Tourmalines often have very good clarity even in larger sizes but are still affordable relative to the other precious gemstones that feature similar colors.


 Jewelry designers like working with tourmaline to add color to their classic designs like the above ring from Vera Wang and the Tiffany & Co Legacy Collection tourmaline ring pictured below. Tiffany-Legacy-tourmaline-engagement-ring

 EraGem features a wide range of tourmaline engagement ring options. Our collection are primarily estate vintage pieces and as well as pre-owned modern and designer rings.  Please enjoy a few more pictures of natural tourmaline rings that customers of EraGem are currently enjoying .


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