Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rub-Over Settings: History + Characteristics

This stunning sapphire engagement ring, fashioned entirely of solid 18k white gold, features diamond-encrusted shoulders set channel style. The wedding band is notched to fit snugly against the engagement ring. Central to the engagement ring is a high-quality 1.15-carat natural blue sapphire set within a diamond-studded halo. The sapphire is housed in a beautiful 18k white gold rub-over setting.

Rub-over settings are another name for bezel settings, and they are the premiere setting for security of a stone. With so much metal holding a stone in place, it is unlikely that daily wear will loosen the stone. Rub-over settings are fashioned out of fairly soft metals, including yellow gold or silver.

While the rub-over setting is suitable for any kind of gemstones, including faceted stones, it has most often been used for cabochons. These lend themselves most easily to rub-over settings since they are typically flattened on the back side and rounded in shape.

While a stone set bezel-style may lose some access to the light, there are many advantages to rub-over settings. The first is the security of the stone. As mentioned before, once a stone is set in a bezel it would take a pry bar to pull it out. Second, they are easier to wear and keep clean. Without any prongs or distinct edges to snag your clothes, they make for smooth and easy wearing. Also, they are easy to polish with a soft cloth, keeping them shiny and brilliant even without routine care by a jeweler.

In addition, the framing of a rub-over setting creates an illusion that the stone is actually larger than it is. This is especially true when a white diamond is set bezel style in platinum or white gold. The radiance of the metal and the diamond combine to provide maximum shimmer.

The rub-over setting is an ancient style. There was a time when almost all jewels were set in bezel settings. That being said, there is nearly nothing more modern than a bezel-set jewel. There is something timeless about the elegant framing provided by a rub-over setting, a special quality that defies the ages. Many modern styles include bezels, including this stunning blue sapphire bridal set.

If you'd like to purchase a timeless engagement ring for your bride-to-be, then we invite you to come in and take a look at our collection of bezel-style engagement rings. We look forward to hearing from you.

~Angela Magnotti Andrews, Staff Writer

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