Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Designer Spotlight: Neda Behnam

Neda Behnam Flower Motif Cocktail Ring.
Photo ©2015 EraGem Jewelry

This exquisite cocktail ring features a six-petaled flower set with fancy brown faceted diamonds. Each petal is rhodium plated and edged (click here for detailed photo) in pavé white diamonds. A single leaf accents the ring, hugging the finger when worn. It is set with bright green tsavorite stones. A golden pistil emerges from the middle, centered by a bright white diamond.

This gorgeous ring captures perfectly the essence of Neda Behnam's signature design elements. First, it is inspired by nature, as are the majority of her pieces. Her collections include a number of lovely floral and animal designs. Many of her pieces feature her signature rhodium plating, which affords her work the depth and contrast that make her pieces come to life.

Every one of Ms. Behnam's jewels are intricately tooled by hand. Though she favors white diamonds and platinum or yellow gold, she often liberally sprinkles a dose of true-to-life colors, using precious and semi-precious stones.

Neda works closely with her husband, Samuel, who has created his own line of silver jewelry called Samuel B. Together they sell their wares through their SoHo Boutique label. With over 25 years of experience, Neda has developed a philosophy of design that encompasses the wonder of nature with an emphasis on intricate details.

"When a woman wears jewelry, it's a statement about who she is. She expects to be noticed and pays attention to the smallest of details when it comes to making a purchase," Ms. Behnam says.{1} Neda's attention to detail is most evident in the white diamond edging on the petals, the green tsavorite leaf, and the gold pistils on this floral cocktail ring.

As a breast cancer survivor, Ms. Behnam is deeply invested in committing herself and her craft to benefit the search for a cure for breast cancer. To that end, she created a line of jewelry featuring diamonds set in precious metal in art deco and vintage-inspired designs.{2} Ten percent of every online purchase of a Diamonds for a Cure® jewel is donated to Stand Up to Cancer®, an organization dedicated to researching innovation in cancer treatment.{3}

In addition to her high-end line and her jewels made for SoHo Boutique and the home shopping networks, Neda Behnam also pours herself into her foundation Diamonds for a Cure®. Neda believes that, "like life, diamonds are precious," and therefore represent best the search for a cure for the treatment and cure of breast cancer.{4}

~Angela Magnotti Andrews, Staff Writer


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