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Honeymoon Destination Montana

Vintage Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring ©2015 EraGem Jewelry

Do you love big sky views, long winding rivers, wide open prairies, and gorgeous scenic drives?

Do you love prairie wildlife: prairie dogs, horses, red foxes, deer, moose, and antelopes?

Are you still hunting for your dream honeymoon destination?

Do you enjoy horseback riding, hiking, and treasure hunting?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, then may we suggest a honeymoon getaway at The Ranch at Rock Creek in southeastern Montana?

The Ranch at Rock Creek is situated on 6,600 acres of rolling hills in Granite County, Montana.{1} To get there, one need only take I-90 south into Montana, driving through Missoula. From there, follow the signs to Philipsburg, Montana, a local tourist destination complete with mining and ranching history and activities. After taking in the local sights, head continue south to Rock Creek Road and The Ranch.

The Ranch at Rock Creek offers exquisite luxury ranch accommodations. The ranch is open year round, and guests have many room options to choose from. During the summer months, honeymooners can rent private canvas cabins. During the winter months the cabins are closed, but The Ranch offers several private luxury homes available on site all year round. Staff refer to the canvas cabins as "glamping," or glamorized camping. They include all the luxuries of home with a decided outdoors feel.

If you prefer four solid walls between you and nature, then the luxury homes may be your best choice no matter the season. The Ranch offers Bluebird, a one-bedroom cabin featuring a king-sized canopy bed, a cedar sauna, a clawfoot bathtub and rain shower, and a heated screened-in porch for a cozy experience of nature all year round.{2}

The Ranch offers myriad western adventures for their guests, including extensive horseback trails, fly fishing, a ropes course, shooting and archery ranges, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, and sledding.

Of course, we are partial to the extremely popular gemstone-related activity at nearby Sapphire Mountain. Less than an hour's drive from The Ranch, lies Montana's greatest treasure hunting locales. On Sapphire Mountain, visitors can hunt for their own sapphires, sifting through buckets of mine gravel with the help of knowledgeable staff.

When you arrive, you can pay a reasonable fee for a generous bag of mountain gravel. While it may seem silly to pay for gravel, this bag of rocks has a unique surprise. Each bag has at least a small handful of Montana's gorgeous sapphires, which you will learn to sift and sort in order to find your treasures right on top. While most of the sapphires may aren't always gem quality, most hunters find at least one stone worthy of faceting.{3}

We can't think of a more spectacular way to commemorate your honeymoon than with a gemstone you found with your own two hands.

You can have them faceted on site. Once you return home, give us a call to make an appointment with one of our associates to pick out a custom vintage setting for your stone (or stones).

Perhaps you'll find enough sapphires to mount en cabochon into a bracelet or even a necklace. Every time you wear your Montana sapphire jewel, you'll recall your special honeymoon adventures in Montana.

If you love the wild west and enjoy the satisfaction of a glittering reward for your labors, we cannot more highly recommend a Montana honeymoon.

~Angela Magnotti Andrews, Staff Writer


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